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Shake Your Martini

Shake your Martini dirty if that's how you like it at this adults only VIP after party.  After an hour at the Happy Holiday Hoedown you'll make a quiet exit into a new Zoom room exclusively for adults to enjoy toasting Meg's triumph of the senses.   After a round of hot chocolate for everyone celebrating the release of Meg Berry's "Happy Holiday Song" music video by filmmaker Jonny Ackerman at the Happy Holiday Hoedown, you'll hop from this All Ages event into an intimate and quiet setting to raise a glass and savor some sophisticated Holiday treats.  Make a detour along the way to set the kids up with a holiday movie if you need to so you can enjoy some quiet private adult time.  Why is this after party exclusively for adults? Instead of simply telling you how I turned my first time up at bat on radio into a grand slam, I am going to SHOW you.  We're going to enjoy my Tantric K.I.S.S. Meditation and I guarantee you, that will be the tastiest martini you've ever enjoyed.  VIP Guests for this intimate event need to be able to enjoy sitting, listening, and focusing on filling their senses with the miracle that they truly are in uninterrupted quiet. What?  An adults only VIP after party to enjoy my Tantric K.I.S.S. Protocol for the tastiest "martini" ever.  Did I say ever?  Ever.  Plus, an invitation to the first ever All Ages Happy Holiday Hoedown beforehand. When?  Friday, December 18th from 8pm-10pm Eastern Standard Time.  8-9pm for the Hoedown and 9-10pm to Shake Your Martini  Where? Adults only for the VIP Martini Shaking after party on your zoom-compatible smart device.  All ages are welcome to the Happy Holiday Hoedown which precedes it at 8pm. What else?  Attire is Ironic Holiday meets Gotham Country- anything that makes you feel ME-OW.

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