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My Holiday Miracle

Welcome to my pandemic triumph! 


I'm Meg Berry, singer-songwriter, producer, coach and small business owner.  WOW, do I have a story to share with you!  It is a miracle.  

After coaching over 10,000 clients across 14+ years, including many with pre-existing conditions, I made the excruciating decision to close my fitness studio on March 6th, 2020.  Suddenly, a number of my clients had pneumonia and no one could get tested for COVID.  The short version of the long story is, the decision I made on March 6th saved lives even though closing the door on my studio meant slamming the door on my income.  I was rejected for the CARES Act loans AND unemployment and with no financial relief in sight, I've watched my savings dwindle faster than the polar ice caps. When COVID hit I pivoted on a dime and offered free classes starting the next day, on March 7th.  I taught over 100+ FREE classes to adults, kids and teens, to keep folks connected and confident, boosting their immune systems. Nothing mattered other than helping out. After 7 months however, I had no idea how I would recover financially.

Enter Loggins Promotion in Nashville, TN who told me that a song I had written, sang and produced, the Happy Holiday Song, was perfect for radio.  Sometimes losing everything reminds you how to get back in the game, so this was my Hail Mary pass because what could I possibly have to lose???  Two days after making my Happy Holiday Song available to radio it appeared in the top 100 Country and AC charts as well as the Top 10 Most Added Lists on both, debuting at #3 on the Holiday Music charts.  Today, four weeks later, it is still at #3 on the Holiday Charts and has taken up residence in the top 100 for Top 40, Country, AC/HOT AND the overall Top 100. It has made Top 10 lists tracked for Country, Top 40 & AC 14 out of 21 times in one month.  AMAZING.

So, I made two fun music videos- an escapist fantasy that whisks you away into holiday cheer and a lyric video to sing along to all over the world.  Now I need your help!  If you'd buy me a celebratory cup of cocoa or a margarita, please join me and celebrate by downloading the song.  I have written over 50+ songs and I would LOVE to delight you with them.  Pay what you can, every dollar supports those new songs.  And please subscribe to my Youtube Channel.  Like the Happy Holiday Song videos, comment and share it with your friends and family.  Thanks for celebrating my COVID miracle.  And thank you for subscribing.  Let's stay in touch!


Let's Celebrate Together!

In addition to teaching 100+ FREE classes, I have also created jobs the past 9 months.  Whether it was hiring out-of-work actors to teach my kids program, paying animators to make music videos or paying help out of my pocket so they could stay home safely.  Now, I need your help.  Download the Happy Holiday SongSubscribe to my video channel and share. Thank you.

Here are Happy Holiday Song's radio charts from THIS WEEK alone!

From claiming spot #3 on the Holiday Music Charts or appearing on 7 out of 9 Top 10 lists across Country, Top 40 and AC/HOT this has been another incredible week on radio.

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Let's Triumph Together

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